Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

ME and THEM...

Having them in first moment is an exiciting feeling for me.

Like having a new relatives in a different world. They love me, support me, care about me like my family. They more than a friend, cos they adoring me and have a strong emotion feeling for me.

Very funny like mmmmm... have to keep intouch everywhere I go and everytime with them all week.

Start from internet, face to face, or tryin to contact me from my closetest person (family) or direct to my self. But I felt kind become annoying sometimes like they always want to know all the thing about me, never enough or satisfiyed about my self.

The saddest thing is sometimes i just don’t care about them, ignore what they askin about my self. Me sucks.

What I called them is u “FanaTIKA”. I’m sorry for all the bad action from my self all this time.

Love U