Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

just my little thought

There's always be the lovers and haters.. both of them are very important in our life...
Haters are the people who always judge u,giving u a bad comment,and laughing at u when u'r in a bad candition in ur life.. but one thing u should know they're not faking it.. they r real,and they being honest about everything that they feel or thought about u. But we cannot mad at them directly becos most of them are stranger for us.
Lovers are the people who always support u,be there for u,giving a good comment,crying with u and always try to make u happy all the time.. but sometimes there's a lil' thing comes out in my mind are they real? or just tryin to be nice with us?! we never really know.. but we cannot have a negative perception about them.. cos sometimes they're the closest person in our life..
so be blessed for all of them.. having the lovers or even the haters..cos u never know wich one of them who giving u the positive effect. make them part of ur life and never try to change it. one day u'll realize both of them are the one who makes ur life balance all the time..

thank u for reading my lil thought..
love u fanatika..

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Adin mengatakan...

We'll always pray for your carrier kak Tika :)

Anonim mengatakan...

Keep Spirit kak Tika :D!!